Rug pads exist between your bare floor and your area rug. Atlanta Rug Cleaning and Restoration HIGHLY recommends placing a rug pad between your area rug and your floor.

We sell several different sizes and varieties of rug padding and can recommend and trim the appropriate pad for your specific rug and floor type.

Below are a few examples of the benefits a rug pad will provide:



  • Rug pads prevent shifting of the rug when it is walked on. A rug pad is designed with a surface that will stick to both the floor and the rug. This is especially important if you are placing the rug on a hard, slick surface like tile or hardwood. It is sometimes recommended to include the use of double sided carpet tape on your rug pad to ensure better stability.


  • Most rug pads have ridges or bumps that are able to trap dirt particles that can become embedded in your rug. These ridges and bumps will also allow air flow between your rug and the floor, which will help greatly when vacuuming your rug. Rug pads are also good for preventing wet spills from reaching the floor or carpet beneath your rug and damaging it.


  • Rug pads can increase the life of your rug by protecting it from shifting and rubbing on the bottom, which will cause a lot of friction, resulting in a prematurely aged rug.  Placing a rug pad between the floor and your rug will help to lessen this damage and make your rug last much longer.


  • Over time, damage to your floor can be caused by collections of dirt and grime underneath your rug.  These small abrasions can scratch your hardwood floors or wear down carpeting. Rug pads also help to prevent dyes from rugs staining carpet when there is a spill.


  • Rug pads provide for a more cushioned walking surface. They also help to provide noise absorption. Rug pads prevent a rug from bunching up, which will detract from its appearance.