Atlanta Rug Cleaning & Restoration has been providing rug cleaning, repair and restoration in the Atlanta area since the 1972

Darious, the founder, arrived in the US from Isfahan, Iran in 1970. He opened his first Oriental and Persian Rug store in Falls Church, Virginia and in 1972 he moved his operations to Atlanta, Georgia.

From the 1970s to 2008, Darious operated many different rug and furniture businesses throughout Atlanta with his flagship Persian and Oriental rug store, Werco, sitting on the corner of Peachtree and Piedmont. In 2008, Darious decided he was going to shift his operation from retail rug sales to specialize in helping rug owners care for their new and antique rugs.

Over the roughly 50 years that Darious operated his retail storefront, he witnessed both the industry and consumer market change. Handmade rugs were being displaced with lower-cost machine made options. Not only were the machine made options less expensive, the options for machine made rugs are virtually endless and can quickly follow along with consumer fads and trends (e.g. modern vs traditional).

Rug cleaning, repair, and restoration was always a large part of Darious’ business and the art of caring for, primarily handmade rugs, was always a passion. Over the last 50 years he has helped 10s of thousands of customers care for, preserve, and restore their one of a kind investments and this is at the heart and soul of what Atlanta Rug Cleaning & Restoration does today.

Our cleaning operation operates primarily out of 2 warehouse locations today – our flagship in Chamblee, GA with an additional cleaning facility in Roswell, GA. Our knowledge and skill for maintaining both handmade and machine made rugs is second to none in the Atlanta area. We work with almost all of the area’s top sellers of rugs in helping them when they need cleaning or repair. All of our operations are overseen directly by Darious using the modern equipment, cleaning compounds, materials, and tools to ensure that your unique rug gets the care it deserves.

While every rug we care for has its own unique requirements of what is and what is not possible, we set clear expectations with our customers up-front and our work is always guaranteed.

We appreciate your interest in our family owned and operated company and look forward to the opportunity to serve you!